Prepare yourself with Basketball Roster Organizer

Keep track of your starting lineups with this simple software.

Basketball coaches have a lot to keep track of, and who's playing when in each game is one of the most critical pieces of information. Basketball Roster Organizer is a simple program that can help coaches plot the starting lineup for each quarter of each game and analyze the performance of past lineups. It's not a particularly sophisticated piece of software, but it's easy to use.

Basketball Roster Organizer has a straightforward interface. Clicking New Game Roster presented us with a series of drop-down menus containing the names of each player on the team; from these we simply selected who was playing each position, who was subbing, and who was on the bench for each quarter. The program comes with a sample team file that already has names in the list, but to create your own team, simply type the names into the menu bar text boxes; the program will save them automatically.

Rosters can be printed before each game, making them easy to take along with you. For each roster you can record the date, the opponent, the score, and whether the game was a win or a loss, making Basketball Roster Organizer a useful tool for analyzing past performances. The program comes with a built-in Help file, but we suspect that most people will be able to figure it out without too much assistance. Overall, we think that Basketball Roster Organizer is a simple but useful tool for coaches of youth and intramural teams, and we recommend it.

Basketball Roster Organizer installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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