Track your PC use on the go with ManicTime Portable

Track your PC time at home and on the go with this portable freeware.

ManicTime is personal time-tracking software from a developer called Finkit d.o.o. ManicTime's Standard version is free for personal use, though there's a Professional version that adds more features, if you should need them. Most users will find the free version more than up to the task. That task is to track how and when you use your computer: when you're at it and when you're away, which apps you used and for how long, and lots of other data. Time-tagging lets you see exactly what you were doing and when. With your data, ManicTime can generate useful statistics, such as how much time you spend browsing the Web.

ManicTime Portable is a fully portable version of ManicTime's standard edition, designed to run from a USB drive or similar device. It's identical to the standard version, except it creates your database in the same folder as the program file instead of your Documents folder, and some of the features found on the Server and Professional editions are unavailable in the freeware, such as Time Sheets, Autotagging, Password protection, and Advanced Search. You can't share data between ManicTime installations on different computers, either.

ManicTime Portable's download is labeled ManicTimeUSB, which reflects this program's special duty. Installing the program on a thumbdrive or similar portable device lets you use ManicTime Portable at work or on any PC. But you can extract ManicTime Portable to any directory and run it normally. When we reviewed the installed version of ManicTime, we liked it and found it a bit different from other programs of its type. Its unique interface blends familiar Office-style elements with the program's signature graphs. Like the installed app, ManicTime Portable displayed our activity in color-coded graphs that closely resemble spectral displays.

ManicTime Portable proved just as capable of recording our time as the installed version. It's highly customizable, flexible, and surprisingly easy to learn, though plenty of assistance is available, beginning with a startup guide that opened the first time we ran ManicTime. Used regularly, ManicTime Portable can help you track your efforts more accurately and show you where the time goes.

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