Get back online fast with Complete Internet Repair

Repair and reset your Internet connections with this supereasy freeware.

Lots of things can scramble your PC's Internet settings -- even good things like removing viruses, updating software, or simply surfing online. Datum's Complete Internet Repair is a free tool that can reset or repair your Internet Protocol, Winsock, and other crucial settings that hook you up to the wider world. Complete Internet Repair is portable freeware, so grab it now and keep it on your USB drive or hard drive. It's easy to use, but you have to have it to use it, so we're telling you about it now since you can't download it when your Internet connection is down!

Complete Internet Repair is an extremely simple tool with an appropriately simple user interface; it's just a dialog with a series of check boxes and a large Go button. This tool can Reset Internet Protocol; Repair Winsock (Reset Catalog); Renew Internet Connections; Flush DNS Resolver Cache; Repair IE 9.9.8112; Clear Windows Update History; Repair Windows/Automatic Updates; Repair SSL/HTTPS/Cryptography; Reset Windows Firewall Configuration; Restore the default host files; and Repair Workgroup Computers View. It's an impressive list of capabilities covering a wide range of Net-crashing issues, and we were especially pleased to see the Update fixer and Firewall reset tools since those are two Windows features that seem especially sensitive to outside interference. Each tool not only has an individual check box but also its own start button. The only real option is to enable logging; the program displays a scrolling log view in its lower panel as it does its thing.

Complete Internet Repair proved fast and effective in resetting, repairing, and cleaning out our Internet settings, caches, and features, though we admit our system didn't need fixing. That's the thing, though: you can't predict when trouble will strike, so it's best to have the right tools on hand. Complete Internet Repair basically brings together built-in Windows capabilities in one convenient tool. We don't recommend running its tools on healthy connections and protocols, obviously. But when your Internet connection is up but your access is down, Complete Internet Repair is one of the fastest and easiest tools we've tried for getting it back to normal.

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