Trust but verify with Moo0 Anti-Recovery

Wipe your disks' free space with this unique security freeware.

Moo0 Anti-Recovery is a free disk-cleaning utility that wipes the free space on your hard drive, making the data on it unrecoverable. It doesn't delete or overwrite your existing data; it merely ensures that anything you've meant to delete is actually deleted and can't be undeleted or recovered by someone who might come along later, so you can walk away from your PC with confidence in your security. Who needs it? Anyone who sells, loans, or shares a hard drive, USB drive, or similar device; or uses a company-supplied PC; or shares a PC with other users or family members, for example. But it's also for people who want to be sure their credit card numbers, contacts, and other personal data are actually deleted.

Anti-Recovery is a simple tool with a simple interface, though with many language options. Beginning with a drop-down list for selecting which of our drives to act upon, Anti-Recovery presents a series of five check boxes for each cleaning job, each with its own progress bar: Recycle Bin; Free space on disk; Free space on MFT (Master File Table); Cluster tips (aka slack space; unused areas at the end of the last allocated cluster); and File name traces on the MFT. The tool offers few options, just Keep on Top, Easy Drag, and Close by Mouse-Wheel Click. The online product page offers good descriptions, including screenshots.

Moo0 states that Anti-Recovery doesn't erase existing data, and we believe them. But the old arms control maxim, "trust, but verify," rules our critical data, so we started by running Anti-Recovery on our D drive instead of our C drive. The first process, erasing free space, is Anti-Recovery's main tool, and it takes by far the longest to run. But once we'd verified, we trusted: Anti-Recovery had scrubbed the disk's free space and left the data intact. You don't need to run Anti-Recovery often, or all of its tools, but it's a good idea to use it regularly, such as Friday afternoon or before you leave on vacation. Trust Anti-Recovery to verify that deleted data is gone.

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