Surf, tweet, and post safe with Cellframe Antivirus Free Global Community Edition

Add this free antivirus tool focused on social media to your security setup.

Free antivirus solutions are common these days, and why not? They offer similar levels of protection because they're either based on the same antivirus engine and definitions or comparable ones. User scans and cloud-based reporting make for slim apps, fast scans, frequent updates, and early detection of new threats. With all that, antivirus freeware needs an angle to connect with users. For Cellframe, that means social media. Cellframe Antivirus Free Global Community Edition is a long tweet of a name for a free full-system antivirus and anti-spyware solution focused on social media and specifically on Facebook and Twitter. Cloud-based resources keep the program fast and light, and dual scanning engines maximize coverage. Best of all, it happily works alongside your usual antivirus software.

Cellframe Free's user interface, system tray menu, and update feature are all quite similar to other free antivirus tools in look and performance, including cleaning and reporting options, proxy settings, scheduling, logging, and e-mail alerts. Although the tool is compact and fast, its initial scan of our C drive was appropriately thorough, though subsequent scans using the virus and rootkit scanners took less time. Although Cellframe Free is intended to work well with other security tools, we had some gumminess related to our firewall app when Cellframe Free tried to access updates. We were most interested in the program's Secure Connect feature, which establishes a secure proxy to either Facebook or Twitter that protects you from viruses and rootkits you might open unwittingly while you're posting online. We clicked the Facebook button and, after a few intermediate steps, received a secured log-in screen. Cellframe Free's protection didn't stop us from using Facebook normally, or even slow us down.

Cellframe Antivirus Free Global Community Edition offers a unique and interesting approach toward antivirus protection, one that focuses likely sources of threats. We prefer a standalone antivirus product as our primary line of defense since a cloud-based tool won't be of much help when you can't access the Internet. But as a fast, light skirmish line that targets opportunistic threats where they're likely to lurk, Cellframe Free succeeds.

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