It's easy to tell good MP3s from bad with MP3 Checker.

Scan, identify, and rremove corrupt MP3s in your music collection with this fast freeware.

Any kind of data file can be corrupted, but your MP3s are especially vulnerable to damage and corruption since there's a lot of them, they tend to hang around for years, and all kinds of programs handle them. MP3 Checker is a simple, free tool that scans your MP3s for any kind of corruption, as long as it's data corruption; it can't tell good music from bad, only good files from bad. With drag-and-drop and file quarantining, it's fast, easy to use, and safe.

MP3 Checker is a simple tool with an appropriately simple interface: a main window with tabs labeled Bad MP3s and Good MP3s above a folder entry field, and buttons to open the target folder directly, delete all bad MP3s automatically, and set the options. Check boxes let us choose whether to scan only MP3s or data files, too. We browsed to our Music folder and clicked Scan. MP3 Checker quickly sifted our music collection, identifying five bad MP3s out of the lot and displaying the details in a pop-up that also listed the total playing time of our music files and the total amount of data it processed. Under Bad MP3s, it listed each suspicious file by its location and included the reason each was flagged -- typically because of repeated frames. We chose not to delete the bad MP3s until we'd made good files from the sources, but we can see how that might not be desirable (or feasible) in very large collections. MP3 Checker's scan options include telling it not to report minor glitches as bad or update ID3 tags on verified MP3s and to move corrupted MP3s to a quarantine file we could designate for further action. We couldn't access the online Help file, but MP3 Checker proved no challenge to figure out.

Anyone with a substantial digital music collection ought to download and run MP3 Checker -- and you might be surprised at what it finds. We were! But it's easy enough to quarantine or delete bad files before they crash your media player or wreak similar havoc on your tuneage, once MP3 Checker's done the heavy lifting for you.

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