Play your way with Sudoku Game

Customize this free Sudoku puzzle game to suit yourself.

Sudoku Game from MicroTools4U is freeware that lets you tackle Sudoku puzzles from a widely customizable interface. It includes ready-made puzzles but can also generate new ones. It also has full undo-redo, two sets of candidates, and multiplayer statistics.

Sudoku Game opens with an attractive wood-grain background and a basic game layout, with a timer and player, game, and other data to the right. When you first run Sudoku Game, a wizard walks you through the steps of setting up the program, overseen by what appears to be a California Raisin mascot. You start by creating a Player (that's you). Right-clicking calls up the game's context menu, which let us change the interface language; customize the look and color of the interface, cells, and other features; and set how the program behaves. The Backs feature actually changes the program's skin, with lots of colors and textures available (we liked Marble and Galaxy). Clicking App Settings or pressing F4 opens an easy wizard for configuring just about any aspect of the program. You can configure the Sound Effects, too, or turn them off. Clicking F1 opens a handy Quick Help feature that explains all you need to know about Sudoku Game, including how to work a Sudoku puzzle. Sudoku Game has many hotkey combos that really speed up play when you get familiar with them, such as Ctrl + N to generate a new game. Templates make repeating games easy, or you can use Sudoku Game's many customizable options to create new variations.

We assume that most users who download Sudoku Game already know how to work a Sudoku puzzle, of course, though it's nice that beginners can use Sudoku Game, too. Experienced users can jump right in. A series of buttons make quick work marking, moving, and counting items, undoing or redoing moves, or increasing or decreasing pixels. A check box lets you display or remove seconds from the counter, which is great if the scrolling digits make you feel pressured. Sudoku Game is all about having it your way. With so many options, customizing can take time, but the results are worth it.

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