Put pro wrestling stars on your desktop with WWE Windows 7 Theme

Let high-resolution desktop images of WWE stars stare you down with this free theme pack.

Wrestling fans can add a touch of the excitement of WWE wrestling to their desktops with WWE Windows 7 Theme, a free theme pack for Windows 7 from Windows7Theme. Its slideshow rotates 10 high-resolution images depicting WWE stars. The wide-screen images are in 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution, so they'll display on most desktops with maximum impact.

Installing WWE Windows 7 Theme could hardly be easier if your favorite wrestlers came to your house and downloaded and installed it for you, assuming you could keep a grudge match from breaking out. The theme pack installs automatically and starts Windows' Slide Show feature, simultaneously opening the Desktop Personalization feature. If you want to make any changes, that's the place; you can change how the images fit your screen, set the rotation duration, enable the Shuffle option, and remove images from the slideshow by unchecking them. For some reason, WWE Windows 7 Theme changed our Windows Sound settings from No Sounds to Windows Default. We changed it back, but it seemed an unnecessary change in the first place if the theme pack doesn't install its own sounds. To uninstall WWE Windows 7 Theme, just change your Personalization settings and delete the images.

The images mostly depict WWE stars like Randy Orton, The Animal, and The Rock. The dark side is well represented by The Undertaker. Obviously, this theme pack isn't for everyone, but if you're not a fan of pro wrestling, why are you still reading this? If you are, then these super-high-intensity images won't disappoint.

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