Display the Biome concept car on your desktop with Mercedes-Benz Biome Windows 7 Theme

See the future of automotive technology with this free Windows 7 theme pack.

Mercedes-Benz's Biome isn't just the most ambitious and unusual concept car conceived by any automaker but one of the most ambitious technological projects in existence -- one that could herald not only an entirely new way of manufacturing but also change how technology and nature relate. The goal is nothing less than to "grow" new cars using bioengineered bacteria to produce sophisticated materials and shapes. The Mercedes-Benz Biome Windows 7 Theme is a free set of high-quality, high-resolution desktop images of the Biome mock-up.

The free Windows 7 theme packs from Windows7Theme have several things in common, including an automatic installer that also starts the program's slideshow as soon as it's finished. The program's installer also opens the Control Panel's Personalization page -- which you can also access by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Personalize -- for further changes such as altering how the images fit the desktop and how often they rotate. The theme pack changed our Windows Sound settings from No Sounds to Quirky, though that's not directly related to the M-B Biome and can be changed back easily.

The Biome theme pack contains 10 wide-screen, 1,920x1,200-pixel images depicting the car from various angles. The Mercedes-Benz Biome is one of the most striking designs ever committed to paper, let alone made into a full-scale development mock-up like this futuristic vehicle. Looking a bit like the Batmobile's goody-good twin, the Biome is definitely the shape of things to come. Whether the ambitious biotechnology that is the Biome's driving force ever bears fruit, the Biome concept car should be worth the wait. If you can't wait, Mercedes-Benz Biome Windows 7 Theme is available in the meantime.

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