Dancers 7 Windows Theme captures motion in still images.

Bring a dance-themed background slideshow to your desktop with this free theme pack.

If you're a dancer, or if you know one, it should come as no surprise that dancing is everything to some people. Dancers Windows 7 Theme is a free theme pack of high-quality, high-resolution desktop background images dedicated to dancers and dancing. With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, these vibrant images bring the motion of dance to life as well as any still picture can.

As with other free theme packs for Windows 7 from Windows7Theme, Dancers Windows 7 Theme installs and starts the Slide Show feature automatically, simultaneously opening the Windows Personalization tool for any changes you might like to make. And, also as with other free theme packs from the developer, the Dancers theme pack changed our Windows Sounds settings from No Sounds to the Windows Default, though it's easy enough to change back, if you like (we did). Of course, you can remove any of the images from the rotation by unchecking its check box, and you can also change how they fit your screen and how often the images change. To uninstall the theme, just change your desktop wallpaper and delete the images. None of the pictures is in any way offensive, but at least one was a bit on the adult side, and the parents of young hoofers might want to exercise their directorial powers. Of course, nothing is stopping you from adding images to the folder to build a dance-themed collection.

Since ancient times, artists have tried to capture the dynamic motion of the dance in paintings, sculpture, and other forms. These 10 high-quality images do a fantastic job of brightening up your desktop, and you certainly don't have to be a dancer or a lover of dance to appreciate them. If dancing is your thing, though, here's your theme.

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