Stay safe with Password Workbook Pro

Save, manage, and access passwords and other secure data with this free password database app.

Password Workbook Pro by Best Security Tips is a free database tool optimized for saving, storing, and managing not only your secure passwords but also user codes, cell phone logs, contacts, e-mail accounts, credit card info, PINs, network shares, and anything you need keep safe and secure yet accessible.

When we'd finished downloading and installing Password Workbook Pro, we had the opportunity to open an existing database or create a new one; lacking any, we chose the latter, which involves choosing a location and saving the program's proprietary database file. We created a password, known as the combination to our data "safe." The program rates password strength and helps users create a strong master password. When we logged back on to our database, we could open it Read-Only Mode or Read-Write Mode, depending on whether we wanted to manage passwords or merely view them. The first time we ran Password Workbook Pro, Best Security Tips' Web site also opened in our browser with a page full of security tips and tutorials covering a wide range of security matters, not just passwords and Internet security. Password Workbook Pro's compact user interface has the familiar menu-bar-above-toolbar look, with passwords grouped and displayed in the main window. Although it's not exactly exciting, it is efficient, and you can customize the toolbar and other aspects of this flexible utility. We had little difficulty in learning Password Workbook Pro's ways and means. For example, clicking Manage let us change the combination to our safe, make and restore backups, and set the program's options, including a useful Password Policy tab that lets users set their own password requirements. Password Workbook Pro also imports and exports data and creates reports in several formats.

Following the program's instructions, we double-clicked on a password field open in our browser to copy it to Password Workbook Pro, though you can also add entries manually using a detailed form that includes policy options and a Notes field. The program lets you create Groups to store associated data, which we found handy for storing different types of data, such as passwords and account numbers.

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