Slacker overachieves

Curated stations meet algorithmically generated playlists based on artists you like, in Slacker Radio.

In Slacker Radio, curated stations that are organized by musical genre meet algorithmically generated playlists based on artists you pick (a la Pandora). As with Slacker Radio on other mobile platforms, the Android app lets you stream music from preprogrammed genres and stations, or from stations you set up yourself. As you listen, you can view album art and bios, block a song or vote it a favorite, and skip ahead (limited for free users). If you like what you hear, you can share a link to that station on via e-mail, text message, or Twitter.

Over the years, Slacker has evolved into more than a bunch of simple, programmed radio stations. Now, the streaming service offers talk radio, live sports broadcasts (via ESPN), and even a host of stations curated by some high-profile recording artists.

While Slacker's free service is certainly powerful, its paid accounts offer quite a bit more functionality. The middle tier, Slacker Radio Plus, kills the ads, gives you unlimited song skips, and lets you cache large portions of stations. Meanwhile, Slacker Premium Radio offers an ultimate listening experience, as it adds on-demand listening similar to Spotify. This combination of on-demand listening, curated stations, and algorithm-programmed radio makes for a uniquely rich listening experience.

The widget, which you install by giving the home screen a long press and selecting Slacker Radio from the Widgets list, is embedded with pause, skip, favorite, and blocking controls.

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