Pandora for Android needs work

Listen to Pandora while on the go.

Just like the bigger Web-based version of Pandora, the Android app lets you create stations based on artists or songs, browse through its genre-based stations, or fire up a Quick Mix. If you're already a Pandora listener, you can enter your log-in credentials, or you can create a new account right from the app.

As you listen, Pandora lets you rate tracks up or down, or skip tracks at will. Your ratings here will help Pandora home in on exactly the types of music you like, so its important to be an active listener. If you're a lazier listener, then you can just as easily let Pandora do all of the programming on its own. Just don't expect it to get much better at doing its job. If you hear something you like, Pandora offers a few actions. There's an info button for reading details about both the track and the artist. Also, you can bookmark the track or artist for future reference. Some tracks can even be purchased from the app.

While the Pandora app does enable sharing of stations through e-mail, it's still missing integrated Twitter and Facebook. In fact, it would be nice if Pandora could tap into Android's share menu, to enable a more robust social experience. Also, you can't Add Variety to or edit station details from the mobile app, which is pretty disappointing.

Overall, the Pandora app for Android offers just enough for basic listening purposes. But with limited sharing options and an inability to edit stations, we're hoping its developers pay it a little more attention. After all, these days the mobile experience is slowly becoming just as important as the desktop experience.

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