'The Dark Knight Rises' keeps your attention

Don the cowl in this companion game to the latest Batman flick.

The official game for the latest Batman movie is here, and it packs a huge punch. Weighing in at around 1.8GB, The Dark Knight Rises for Android boasts impressive 3D graphics, a heavy storyline, and a whole Batcave full of gadgets for you to play with.

While the game's plot isn't exactly loyal to the movie's, it is still incredibly engaging and complex, especially as mobile games go. Fortunately, there's also a lot of story animation to help keep it moving smoothly. All of the characters are there with their own agendas, just as in the movie, and it's Batman's job to navigate them all using his superheroic, though slightly rusty, sleuthing skills.

The gameplay of The Dark Knight Rises offers your typical over-the-shoulder adventure, with you as Batman. As expected, your job is to run around Gotham City, do detective work, complete missions, and neutralize baddies. The virtual control stick is on the left, with all of your weapons and action buttons on the right side of the screen. Jump and Attack buttons are always there, while other buttons for special items like Batman's grapnel hook and Batarang pop up as needed.

As fun as it is to roam the streets of Gotham punching out Bane's henchmen, I do feel as though the controls are at times an obstacle. The control pad is extremely sensitive, sometimes making it difficult to move around precisely. Also, throughout the game, you have to constantly swipe around to change camera angles, as objects and other characters will often completely obstruct your view. To say the least, this can get very annoying.

Still, with the complexity of the story and simplicity of the game play I found myself addicted to The Dark Knight Rises in no time. I enjoyed the variation in maps and objectives, and especially loved that some levels included puzzle-type challenges in addition to the kicking and punching.

While the The Dark Knight Rises is a bit hefty at nearly 2GB, and certainly not cheap at $6.99, I still think it's a worthwhile download, especially for Batman fans. And since it offers dozens of missions to complete and an arsenal of weapons to play with, chances are it'll keep you entertained for even longer than the movie did.

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