Trusted Power Search

Search the World Wide Web safely with this application.

Trusted Power Search by Moose-Tech Software is a free Web search tool that promises faster, more efficient searches. The application is able to deliver on this by limiting the number of sites that it searches to a predetermined list that is defined by the user.

The application presents a simple, easy-to-understand toolbar interface. There is a Help tab to guide the user in how to use the application. You can set your preferences as to which sites you want to use, Google, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Yahoo, and how many searches are displayed. There is also a parent-friendly Safety mode that allows you to lock the preferences by putting in a four-digit code that needs to be keyed in before the preferences can be changed. The searches themselves will be limited to what the app calls the Trusted Universe, which is the list of sites the search is confined to. Users are able to modify the list and add their own.

The application delivers on its promise and will probably be appreciated by parents who want to limit their children's exposure to the Web.

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