Funny Photo Maker

Have fun using this free photo editor.

If you want to be Wolverine of the X-Men or Bella from the Twilight saga, then this app is for you. Funny Photo Maker from AnvSoft is a free photo editor that lets you crop faces to frames, movie posters, and funny backgrounds. It also allows you to add animation effects to your photos.

The application, once installed, presents an attractive interface that is also easy to understand. A Help file is likewise available to guide the user in the intricacies of the app. What we liked about it is its simplicity. You just pick a photo you want to use, pick the effect you want, view the results, and save for later printing. The software lets you make minor changes in the position of the eyes and mouth for a more natural fit but this isn't a full-service photo editor like Adobe Photoshop so you won't necessarily get perfect results. That said, you also don't have to have any specialized training to use this app. And, despite the imperfections of our test photos, the results were fun and took little time to create.

Funny Photo Maker is aptly named and delivered on its promise. One minor issue we found during the test is that the application installed a desktop icon without permission.

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