See the date and time with LCD Clock

Add an unobtrusive clock to your desktop with this simple program.

Although Windows has a clock of its own, there are plenty of clock applications that add functionality -- or just decoration -- to the task of displaying the time. LCD Clock is a simple program that's fairly light on features, but isn't a bad choice if you're looking for a simple way to view the date and time.

LCD Clock annoyed us right away by forcing us to install the FunMoods toolbar, a piece of malware masquerading as a tool for adding emoticons to social networking sites and e-mail. Although it's not uncommon for software to attempt to install unrelated toolbars during the installation process, you can almost always decline and continue with the installation. When we attempted to decline FunMoods, however, we were asked if we wanted to abort the installation. So we soldiered on, knowing we'd have to spend time getting rid of FunMoods after we were done installing LCD Clock.

LCD Clock itself is a fairly basic program, but it does have a few cool features. It displays the time (including seconds) and month, date, and year in a typical LCD-style display. The numbers are black, the background is light gray, and unlike many other clock programs, there's no way to customize its appearance; it can't even be resized. What we did like about it, though, was the fact that its small handful of features could all be accessed from various points around the interface. Want to hide the clock for 10 seconds? Click on the upper-left corner. Prefer to see the day listed before the month? Click the slash between the two. The clock can also be set to start with Windows and to always be on top. There's no Help file per se, but clicking below the slash in front of the year brings up a small About screen that lists the program's features. Overall, nothing about LCD Clock particularly impressed us, but it's not a bad choice if you need an unobtrusive way to display the date and time on your desktop.

LCD Clock installs without issues -- aside from the aforementioned FunMoods annoyance -- and uninstalls cleanly.

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