IMDb on the go

IMDb is a whole lot more than just a movie database.

More than just a tool for reading up on celebs and movies, the IMDb mobile app lets you access an enormous entertainment database, view movie trailers, read reviews, track shows, and even get notifications for updates on your favorite celebs. What's more, the Android tablet version is optimized for the larger screen, as it breaks up IMDb's sections into two functional panels.

IMDb opens up directly to a Home screen displaying new trailers, popular movies and shows, upcoming titles, and top news. If you log into your IMDb account, it also shows you recommendations for shows and movies, based on your IMDb search history. In addition, with an IMDb account, you get to track TV shows you want to watch, share shows, and get alerts for updates on your favorite shows and celebs.

At the top of the screen, you can do a keyword search or start browsing through Movies, TV, or Celebs, just like you would on A celebrity's page shows you filmography, famous roles, a photo gallery, trivia, and more, while movie and tv show pages give you the cast, screen captures, ratings, comments, and more. If a movie trailer is available, you can watch it directly from the app, and thanks to IMDb's integration with Amazon, you can also find links to stream or purchase many titles directly from the online retailer.

With its latest update, IMDb has also gotten a lot more social. Now, you can "check in" to shows and movies to let friends know what you're watching. There's also a Watchlist feature, so you can keep track of everything you want to watch. Meanwhile, celebrities' pages have a share button, which lets you share through any of your Android device's supported applications.

If you're a movie buff or TV fanatic, IMDb is a must-have download. Not only does it give you access to an incredibly comprehensive database of entertainment information, it also lets you connect with the IMDb community and easily share items with your friends.

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