SanDisk Memory Zone

SanDisk Memory Zone is the ultimate hub for monitoring and managing your mobile device's memory, both internal and removable.

SanDisk Memory Zone not only lets you poke into your internal and removable memory sources, it also integrates with several online storage services, making it the ultimate hub for monitoring and managing your mobile device's memory.

The app opens up to a list of your device's memory sources, including internal memory and memory card (if available). To dig into a source, simply tap an icon and scroll through its contained files. Here, you can see exactly what's consuming all your memory, and even view files by type (music, photo, video, document, app, etc). From the home screen, you can also tap the small arrow next to a memory source to see a big-picture breakdown of its contents, complete with colored bar chart. One thing to note is that SanDisk does not let you dig into any of your Android's system files. However, it is great for sifting through media files and documents.

More than just a memory monitor, though, SanDisk Memory Zone lets you manage your resources by moving items between your device's internal memory and SD card. What's more, the app supports several online storage services, including Box, Google Docs (SanDisk hasn't yet updated to Google Drive), SugarSync, and Dropbox, so you can shuffle items to the cloud, too. You can easily add access to any of these by logging in right from the SanDisk app.

When going through your memory sources, long press on any item to pull up a menu of options. You can move an item between memory sources, delete, password-protect, or upload items directly into your online storage account. Also, there's a nifty feature that lets you back up your internal memory, either to a memory card or an online account, then restore it onto a new device if the need arises.

Overall, SanDisk Memory Zone is an incredibly useful app, especially for those who deal with lots of media files. It's free, works well, and is certainly worth a try.

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