Tag team with Tails in Sonic 4 Episode II

Sonic 4 Episode II ups the ante by adding Tails and a variety of tag-team attacks

Sonic 4 Episode II for Android looks and plays just like the old platform Sonic the Hedgehog games we're used to, minus the tangible game controllers, of course. Still, with a virtual directional pad and jump button flanking the sides of your touch screen, running around and snatching up rings is just as fun as before. The game settings also let you turn on haptic feedback or switch to tilt control if you prefer.

In this follow-up to Sonic 4 Episode I, Sonic teams up with his old buddy Tails, bringing an array of new partnered attacks into the game. By using a new Tag-team button (located just next to the Jump button) you can enlist Tails and his special talents to carry Sonic high in the air, propel through the water, or perform a kind of doubled-up spin dash. These moves certainly come in handy, as you make your way through the twisty levels and do battle with Dr. Eggman.

Sonic 4 Episode II also offers a multiplayer game mode that is supposed to work through Bluetooth, but I'll admit, I had some trouble getting it to work. Nevertheless, this game is still a fantastic download that will have you addicted for hours, just as you likely were when playing the original Sega platform series. The only downside is that Episode II comes at a rather hefty price of 6.99. Still, for all the nostalgia it drums up, it's worth it. And the great thing is, if you already have Episode I installed, you'll unlock new scenarios with Sonic's old nemesis Metal Sonic.

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