Stop 'waiting for ad-pain' with RemoveAds

Block banner ads with this simple but effective freeware.

How many times have you been frustrated by a browser message something like "waiting for" while your browser spins its wheels, unable to finish loading your site because it's linked to an ad server somewhere? More than a few programs have been written to suppress, prevent, and kill banner ads in Web browsers, instant messaging programs, and social networking apps. Major Share's RemoveAds is an ultrasimple tool that actually works. It blocks banner ads from loading, preventing the adware from trying to contact its home server, so pages load more quickly than they would if the ad links loaded normally. It's not a browser add-on but a standalone app that works with most browsers and chat tools. It updates automatically, and users can submit recommended ad sites for inclusion in the program's database.

RemoveAds has a very simple user interface, with two controls and three tabs. The controls turn the Anti-Ad feature off and reactivate it by updating the database. The Front Page tab displays the current status of the Anti-Ad tool, Software, and Database. The Database tab displays the Blacklist, which contained many familiar-looking ad links, and a tool for suggesting sites to add. The About tab accesses the usual program info, as well as a link to the developer's site, which is the only source of documentation. Clicking a button that looks like a tiny slider switch rendered the ad blocker's status Inactive, including a message that it might take a few minutes for the change to take effect. Clicking the Reload button automatically updated the program's database and simultaneously reactivated the Anti-Ad tool.

Side-by-side PCs with nearly identical specs gave us the opportunity to see RemoveAds in action in real time, and the demonstration didn't take long, either. We quickly browsed to the same national news site on both machines using the same type of browser, only one PC was running RemoveAds. The site on the RemoveAds machine loaded quickly, while the same site on the other machine was stuck "waiting for" some banner ad to load. A quick check showed the culprit in RemoveAds' Database. RemoveAds works: 'nuff said.

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