Keep it simple with Any.Do

With its ample white space and sharp, modern-looking typeface, Any.Do is one of the more beautiful task management apps to hit Google Play. But more than just a pretty face, this popular app has some nice features to boot.

When you first install Any.Do, you can choose to log in, create a new account (for syncing across devices), or get started without one. Once you make your choice, getting started is as easy as typing out your to-dos, or with the built-in voice input feature, saying them.

The main page of Any.Do splits tasks into four categories: Today, Tomorrow, This Week, and Later. To move an item between categories, simply tap and hold, then drag. To mark tasks as complete, simply cross it out. A quick tap on any item brings up a menu of options that let you prioritize tasks, add them to folders, set reminders, add notes, or share. Sharing with other Any.Do users works nicely, as it adds the task to their list, while sharing with anyone else shoots them an e-mail.

One of the best things about Any.Do is its contextual suggestions. While typing out a task, the app offers autocomplete terms to speed up the process. What's more, if your task is to call someone, the app suggests contacts to include and even adds a call shortcut to your item. Same goes for e-mail tasks. This kind of contextual help not only makes it easier to input tasks, but also to complete them.

Another nice touch is the support for Google Tasks. If enabled, Any.Do two-way syncs, so crossing off an item on your mobile app will show up on your Google Calendar, and vice versa.

While some users may not mesh well with its four set categories, I can still say I highly recommend Any.Do as a light and simple task manager. It looks great, does the basics well, and offers a few nifty features like voice input and syncing with Google Tasks. And did I mention it's free?

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