Rotate your wallpaper automatically with My Daily Wallpaper

Change your wallpaper regularly with this free app.

If you get bored with your desktop wallpaper but don't have the time to be perpetually seeking out new images to start your day with, the answer may be as simple as My Daily Wallpaper, a free app from My Portable Software that downloads, installs, and rotates desktop wallpaper images in a wide range of categories offering something for everyone. You can tell it to only download images of a certain size or larger, how often to download new images and change the wallpaper, and start with Windows. You can browse through groups of random images, too.

My Daily Wallpaper checks for updates when you first open it, but we had to close and reopen the program to establish a network connection. Once we'd straightened that out, My Daily Wallpaper quickly downloaded all available categories (including many recent updates) of free wallpaper collected from various sites. The program offers dozens of categories, though we noticed quite a few with names like Cars, Comics, and Celebrities (female) (and that was just the "C's") and lots of sword-wielding barbarians, nature scenes, and abstract images. But we saw quite a few unique categories, too, such as Bollywood, as well as a group of categories derived from DeviantArt as well as "special categories" that might contain images offensive to some viewers. The program displays four random previews that we could change with a click, letting us browse through the diverse offerings. Clicking Configuration opened the basic program settings, which let us specify the screen resolution and ratio of wallpapers to download and whether to crop or center for 16:9 and/or 4:3 ratios. We could also designate a folder for My Daily Wallpaper to save copies of downloaded wallpaper images and make proxy settings with a password option.

It didn't take us long to browse through groups of random images to find a few suitable ones, and My Daily Wallpaper fitted them neatly to our desktop. Some of the images showed watermarks, and many are fairly generic as wallpaper goes, but the selection is large. If you like the idea of regular fresh wallpaper, try My Daily Wallpaper.

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