Convert YouTube clips to MP3 without the frills

YouTube to MP3 Converter converts YouTube movies into multiple formats with a clean and straightforward interface.

Though not the first to win an award for most self-explanatory title, YouTube to MP3 Converter allows you to do just that: "convert" YouTube clips to the MP3 format. This freeware title only hints at its full capabilities, which include converting YouTube movies into AVIs, MP4s, FLVs, and WMV formats. The program also allows you to download up to 1080p formats for the HD-inclined.

In a crowded world of free converters and clones, perhaps the most outstanding aspect of this title isn't its function, but rather its flexibility and presentation. YTtoMP3 Converter has a simple and easy interface, with clear icons and tabs for copying links and converting files. The main "List" of downloads look almost identical to Firefox's Download manager, but goes the extra distance to include thumbnails of downloaded clips. It also supports multiple simultaneous downloads.

Unlike other similar utilities, YouTube to MP3 Converter accurately displays the highest resolution available for each video. Many other converters just tack on 1080p availability, even for clips that aren't, so this small attention to detail is very appreciated.

Another welcome detail is that YTtoMP3 lets you convert between formats for movies you've already downloaded. That means if you downloaded a movie in MP4, but then for some reason decide that you want the AVI format instead, then you can directly convert between formats within the app. The list of downloads includes file details such as length, file size, convert option, and a direct link to its folder. For power downloaders, there's also a handy search bar to filter clips.

Again, it's these little details that make YTtoMP3 stand out that much more. The only thing I would have liked is perhaps an option to directly convert from high to low resolution for mobile viewing. Perhaps support for other video sites like Vimeo and Facebook would have also been welcome, but again, this program already does what it advertises and more.

We highly recommend this tool for those who love downloading some of the many great, legal, content that YouTube has to offer (even beyond music).

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