Writefit Software Suite

Get four apps for free with this application.

Writefit Software Suite offers you four programs combined in one package, but we weren't all that impressed with the individual programs or the overall design. And users should be prepared for quite a bit of data entry to get the suite set up.

The application's initial interface is very plain but easily understood. You're presented with four large buttons, one for each of the programs: Web Address Book, Data Confidential, ChequeWealth, and TimeWatch. There's also a smaller button to help you get started that guides you through each program. Understanding how to use the program shouldn't be a problem. Despite different purposes, each program looks similar to the others -- they all look as though they're based on a database program with a few modifications to fit the specific purpose of each. The first program, Web Address Book, serves as a kind of bookmark organizer, allowing you to organize, search, and open links from the program. Since most of these features are found in the average browser, it didn't, as the publisher promised, save us time searching and surfing. In fact, it was an extra step opening the program to access sites that we had to remember to take, and adding the bookmarks wasn't nearly as easy as it typically is with any browser.

Data Confidential allows you to enter everything from telephone numbers and passwords to health information and diary entries. In theory, this seemed nice, but we felt it was more a case of trying to make everyone happy without really pleasing anyone. ChequeWealth allows you to track your investments, but the process is completely manual. You'll need to enter any updates to see changes in your overall balance and you could just as easily set up a spreadsheet to track the information it presented. The final program, TimeWatch, had most of the features found in any calendar program, allowing you to add events and set alarms, but it wasn't as robust as the features to manage tasks or schedules that are found in Outlook or other time management programs, and it didn't look nearly as nice or professional.

Writefit Software Suite is ambitious software that promises to help people navigate the Internet, safeguard information, track investments, and manage schedules. To some extent it does do all those things, it just doesn't offer any benefits by providing them in one package. And although the program is listed as free, the publishers list $17.99 as the asking price on their Web site. Writefit Software Suite also left behind some program folders and a desktop icon when it was uninstalled. Free or not, we suggest that users looking to get organized skip this suite.

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