Measure elements with Perfect Screen Ruler

Determine size, color, and angle with this useful program.

If you work in Web design, graphic design, or any other area that might require you to determine the size of a specific object on your screen, try Perfect Screen Ruler. This easy-to-use program is packed with useful features that let you quickly analyze the size, color, and angle of particular elements.

Perfect Screen Ruler opened with a set of simple instructions, and it took us no time at all to get started with it. We simply selected the window containing the object we wanted to look at and then clicked the Update Screen button in Perfect Screen Ruler's interface. The program took a screen capture of our desired window, which appeared automatically in its interface. From there we were able to zoom in up to eight times, making it easy to get precise measurements even on small elements. To take measurements, you simply click on a start point and an end point; Perfect Screen Ruler automatically calculates the length in pixels, and also creates a rectangle with the selected line as the diagonal. It then lists the specific points of the rectangle. A history table keeps track of all the measurements taken. If that weren't enough, Perfect Screen Ruler also has a color identifier -- click anywhere on the screen and it will tell you the selected color's HTML, RGB, HEX, and HSB information -- as well as an angle calculator. Overall, we found Perfect Screen Ruler extremely easy to use, and we recommend it for anyone who needs to determine the size or color of anything on their computer screen.

Perfect Screen Ruler installs and uninstalls without issues.

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