Play this classic board game on your PC with Monopoly US 2012

Play Monopoly on your PC with this free game software.

Monopoly is one of the best-known board games in the world. Monopoly US 2012 by FodiGames is a freeware version of the old favorite. There are many versions of Monopoly available, including different nations and languages. This two-player game's board, layout, and features are based on the standard U.S. edition.

Monopoly US 2012 opens in full-screen mode, and there's no way to resize or minimize the view or show the Windows toolbar; it's either Play or Quit. The setup screen offers three game modes: Standard play; Cash play, where the winner is the first to reach a certain amount of money; and Time for time-limited play. Check boxes let you enable collections, stations, prison cards, and the last remembered move feature. The game only allows two players. The board game enables multiple players (up to eight, though the cash is stretched thin) but we can't imagine eight people trying to play one game on one screen, so two seems a decent compromise. We were surprised that the game doesn't use the familiar tokens; just red and blue markers that are actually quite difficult to spot on the game board. Each player starts with $15,000 in cash; a button rolls the dice, and the game advances pieces automatically.

If you don't know how to play Monopoly, the software offers links to the rules as well as the Wikipedia entry for the board game. There's no assistance related to the software itself, though it's a fairly simple proposition to play. We'd like to see the ability to resize the game's window on the desktop. While a multiplayer option would be nice and in keeping with the board game, it's not necessary. But something must be done about the player tokens. If the traditional pieces are unavailable (for whatever reason) then suitable alternatives should be available. Best of all would be the ability to create your own token; maybe for future updates? In any case, if you enjoy playing Monopoly, we think you'll like Monopoly US 2012 just fine.

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