Tweeki for Pokki

Access Twitter via this free application.

Tweeki for Pokki is free software for accessing Twitter on your desktop. Sporting a clean, professional-looking design and easy-to-use features, Twitter fans should love the quick access it provides for sending and viewing tweets. The one downside is that this is similar to an add-on for Firefox: you'll need to have the Pokki client installed to add and use it.

The app presents a nicely designed interface that should be very easy to understand for anyone who's used the popular social media site. All the regular Twitter options are present so you can send tweets and view the latest posted to your timeline. Even the color scheme is Twitter-like. The publishers didn't bother putting in a Help file, probably betting on the fact that if you're downloading this app, you already know the ins and outs of Twitter and tweeting. Tweeki for Pokki, aside from providing the same functionality available through direct access to the Twitter site, also offers automatic shortening of long links as well as the ability to quickly switch from one Twitter account to another, a nifty feature for multiple account holders. As noted, you'll need to have Pokki to use this app, but it will automatically install it when you download Tweeki for Pokki if you don't have it already, so you won't have to take any extra steps. There is a small button built in to Tweeki to find more apps, but it's not intrusive.

If you don't mind installing the Pokki client to get this app, it offers a smart, simple way to bring Twitter to your desktop. The application installed and uninstalled cleanly during the test.

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