Transmute Portable

Transfer your bookmarks from different browsers using this handy application.

If you happen to have bookmarked a lot of sites using one browser and wanted to use a different one to visit those same sites, there is now no need to find and bookmark them again. Transmute Portable from Darq Software is free software that will do it for you.

The standalone application, which doesn't need to be installed, presents a simple interface that requires little, if any, explanation. Just tell it where to get the bookmarks (Source) and where to put it (Target), hit Export, and it's done. The software supports all the major browsers. There is no Help button but there is a link to the publisher's Web site where additional information can be found. While some browsers let you import bookmarks without any outside assistance, we liked this easy-to-use app and found that it worked exactly as promised.

Transmute Portable is simple software built for this one purpose -- transferring your bookmarks -- a function that it does well. We found no issues with installing and removing the application.

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