Store, sync, and access your files from any device

4Sync allows you to manage files from the Web with synced folders.

4Sync creates a folder that allows you to access files from any Internet-connected device.

Creating a new account simply requires an e-mail and password. After registration, 4Sync guides you through a series of pages telling you about all the great things it can do, but at the end of the day, it's a synced folder in the cloud.

If you've ever used similar services (like Dropbox), you should feel right at home: 4Sync creates a folder under My Documents (PC) that acts as your primary folder. If you have 4Sync installed on other PCs/Macs or smartphones, then you can access those files seamlessly via the Web app. 4Sync offers up to 15GB of free storage, which should be more than enough for the average user. The free edition offers up to 15GB, but premium subscriptions expand that limit to 100GB.

4sync - Store and access files online - Download video Previews

Though 4Sync may lack direct collaborative features outside of sharing your account info, it does offer a neat way to send files to your friends through its integration with 4Shared. Right-clicking a file or folder will give you 4Sync options to copy a URL or even generate a tweet to quickly distribute files via 4Shared. During our tests, we found download speeds via 4Shared to be very fast, though the service makes you wait 20 seconds first.

4Sync is a solid choice for those who are new to file storage, thanks to its ease of use and large storage capacity.

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