Speed up your browsing with FVD Speed Dial for Firefox

Quickly access your most visited sites with this useful extension.

Anyone who's used Google Chrome is probably familiar with the browser's ability to display thumbnails of frequently visited sites every time a new tab is opened, making it easy to quickly get to your favorite sites. FVD Speed Dial for Firefox brings a similar functionality to Firefox, but with plenty of options for customization. We think it's a great way to organize and quickly access your favorites without dealing with cumbersome bookmark menus.

FVD Speed Dial installed easily and, after we restarted Firefox, it got right to work; we opened a new tab and were greeted with a thumbnail view of our most popular sites. The extension also lets users create groups of sites that are displayed as unobtrusive buttons across the top of the tabs; you can create a group for social networking sites, for news sites, for blogs, or for whatever other categories you find useful. A small toolbar lets users quickly access their predefined speed dial, a list of their most visited sites, or a list of recently closed sites -- a useful tool for anyone who knows the frustration of accidentally closing a tab you weren't done with. There are also options for customizing the extension's appearance, letting users set background colors, fonts, and even background images. FVD Speed Dial has an extensive settings menu and its documentation isn't exactly thorough, so be prepared to spend some time experimenting in order to get the extension set up the way you want it. Overall, we found FVD Speed Dial for Firefox to be a flexible and powerful way to access our most frequently visited sites, and we recommend it.

FVD Speed Dial for Firefox installs and uninstalls without issues.

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