Tune up your system with Free Windows Tuner

Optimize Windows with this simple utility.

Just like a car, Windows needs periodic tune-ups in order to keep it performing well. Free Windows Tuner is an easy-to-use program that promises to optimize RAM, delete orphaned links, and increase startup speed, and more. We typically like to see more options for customization and more information about what's happening than Free Windows Tuner provides, but it seems to be a decent choice if your machine could use some tidying up.

It just so happened that we tested Free Windows Tuner on an installation of Windows that was only about a week old, so we admit that there probably wasn't a whole lot for the program to do. It opened with an attractive interface showing a list of tasks under Speed Optimization -- Clear RAM, Clear Clipboard, Optimize Windows Start Behavior, Optimize Windows Registry, and Tweak Windows Options. Under Disk Space Optimization there area few more options, including Delete Temporary Files, Delete Recycled Files, and Delete Orphaned Files. There's a check box next to each of these options, but it turns out that these are only meant to show the completion of each task; users can't select which actions are performed individually.

On the left side of the interface there's a gauge showing your system's speed as a percentage, as well as the total and available RAM and disk space. We're always a little wary of programs that tinker with our registry, especially when they don't give us any information about what they're doing, but we went ahead and clicked the big green Tune Now button and let Free Windows Tuner do its thing. The whole process took less than a minute for us, but would probably take considerably longer on systems that are more cluttered than ours was.

When all was said and done, the program informed us that it had recovered 11.6MB of RAM and 335.8MB of disk space for us. The program has virtually nothing in the way of documentation, so if you desire more information about and control over how your system is optimized you'll probably want to look elsewhere. Still, we suffered no ill effects from using Free Windows Tuner, and we can imagine that it might have a significant positive impact on systems that are suffering from performance issues.

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