I'd Cap That adds funny to photos

Can't think of a funny caption for your photo? No sweat. Just let I'd Cap That write one for you.

I'd Cap That is a novelty app that automatically generates hilarious, sometimes crude captions for your iPhone photos. Just fire it up, choose to either take a new photo or use an existing photo from your phone's gallery, and hit Use. After that, watch I'd Cap That slap a completely ridiculous and possibly humiliating caption under your mug (or your friend's). Most of the captions generated are pretty good at getting laughs, and many of them might even get shudders. See, the app often uses explicit and/or sexual language in its captions, so it comes with a 17+ rating in the iTunes App Store.

While ease-of-use is certainly one of the best qualities of this quick-draw app, there are still a couple of features I would love to see added. For one, it would be great to be able to swipe through different captions once you've chosen a photo. As it is now, you get one shot, and if you don't like the caption generated, you have to start over. Also, I'd like to see an option to add your own captions to the database, if you feel so inspired.

Still, with its utter lack of flexibility, I'd Cap That is a great app to keep tucked away on your phone, ready to whip out at a moment's notice. I personally like using it at parties, to humiliate unwitting groups of friends. But that's just me.

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