When in Roamz, do as the locals do

Roamz gives you real-time local data, so you can discover new activities around you.

Roamz is an "intelligent" local discovery app that pulls real-time data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram in order to show you what's going on in your area. It can even "learn" what you're into and calibrate its recommendations accordingly.

Roamz opens up to a Hot Now screen, which shows public photos, check-ins, and other status updates originating in your immediate vicinity. So, right off the bat, you can swipe through all of the updates and see if anything looks interesting. For instance, in my trials, I saw that several people checked in to a nearby food truck festival that I didn't even know existed. Also, I saw some Instagram photos of pastries at a French bakery that I now plan to try. These are the types of discoveries that Roamz facilitates.

Next to the Hot Now screen is the World screen, which shows you the newest and most popular posts from around the globe. While this screen may not be all that useful, it is definitely interesting to swipe through, as it sometimes gives you glimpses into activities in faraway places.

Next is the You screen, which is pretty straightforward, as it shows you all of your own posts. And finally, if you want to add your own activity, simply tap the Add button on the top-right, and tell people what you're doing. And don't forget to select a venue (check in) and add a picture. You can also choose to simultaneously post your activity to Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare.

What's nice about Roamz is that it "learns" what you like. On the Settings screen, you can check and uncheck Interests as needed, and as you give thumbs-up ratings to venues, the app gets better at showing you only the activity that you might like.

One thing I think Roamz could do to improve is integrate Yelp data into its feeds. There's a huge contingent of local explorers out there who check-in and write reviews on Yelp, so this integration would certainly add a treasure trove of useful information.

Overall, I think Roamz is a useful app for discovering new activities around you. It gives you a unified interface to check in to venues and post your activity on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare. But perhaps more importantly, it gives you a single, real-time feed of friends' and strangers' activities, all happening nearby.

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