Drop some beats with Turntable.fm

Be the DJ or listen to others spin. It's your choice with the Turntable.fm mobile app.

Fan favorite music-streaming and discovery service Turntable.fm is available on Android, and it does a great job of packing its full desktop experience into your mobile device.

The first thing you notice about Turntable.fm for Android is its absolutely stunning interface. The listening rooms look slick, with the DJ booth and speakers up top and the familiar rating controls on bottom. And of course, the hypnotic little avatars bumping their heads in rhythm fill out the rest. Tap an avatar to view that listener's vitals or hit the speech bubble to see what listeners in the room are saying. Tapping the DJ booth brings up track info and gives you the option to add the song to your queue or purchase it on Amazon. You can also tap an empty DJ seat (if available) to try your hand at serving up songs from your queue to others -- if you're brave enough. Earn fans and DJ Points to unlock new avatars.

Lastly, there's a share button (which looks like it was pasted straight from iOS) at the top of the screen that lets you share your room with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

But before joining a room, you must first find one. On the main menu screen, you can search for a room by name, or browse through popular rooms, favorites, or only those with empty DJ seats. You can see how many listeners are in each room, but unfortunately, you can't see a description of the room until you actually join it. This isn't a huge deal, but an onscreen description would make it easier to browse through the long list of rooms quickly. It would also be nice if you could favorite rooms right from this screen.

Another thing missing from the mobile app is the ability to edit your profile. If you want to change your display name, description, or avatar, you'll have to sign on to the Turntable.fm Web site.

Turntable.fm's mobile performance is determined largely by the quality of your data connection (as expected). But even with a full signal, don't be surprised if you still get hit with a hiccup now and then.

Overall, Turntable.fm for Android is a fine recreation of the full desktop record-spinning experience. Navigation is simple, rooms are beautiful, and listening is just as addictive. That said, it would be nice to be able to edit profile info or, at the very least, change avatars from the app.

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