Customize Windows with Windows 7 Tweaker

Tweak your Windows installation with this free utility's many tools and settings.

One of the great things about Windows 7 is the way you can tweak its performance, appearance, and behavior through various options and settings scattered throughout your system. The problem, of course, is keeping track of where everything is, not to mention finding it again when you actually need it. SuRe Softwares' Windows 7 Tweaker is a free tool that unifies access to these far-flung settings and options in a single interface. With it, you can modify your Windows installation to extract the best performance from your hardware and programs. You can use it to customize your security settings, network connections, startup behavior, Windows features, and much more. One especially nice thing about Windows 7 Tweaker is its brief but clear and helpful explanations of many features and options.

Windows 7 Tweaker's efficient user interface starts with its attractive Eastern-themed font in the program title. The layout is based on a modified tree view in which selecting a category in the left-side panel opens the available tools in the tabbed main window. For example, clicking on Right-Click Menu showed three tabs in the main view, each tab with several options: General, for adding various entries to context menus in Explorer; Add Programs, with a wizard-like tool for adding and removing program shortcuts to context menus (we especially like this one); and Send To, which customizes Send To menus. Windows 7 Tweaker also makes changes to the Start Menu & Taskbar, Explorer, System, Logon, and more. The Special Tasks tools let us schedule various procedures, such as shutting down or rebooting the system. Maintenance Tweaks included some fairly advanced procedures, such as the option to unload unused DLLs to conserve memory resources and disable Group Policy Update during startup. Windows 7 Tweaker lacks a dedicated Help file, but as we noted, it explains many features at the source, and some have documentation in Windows.

Windows 7 Tweaker also offers password protection to keep malicious anti-tweakers at bay. This handy collection of useful tweaks has something for everyone. However, we always recommend caution informed by knowledge when tweaking your system, so don't monkey around!

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