Expect functional problems from TapinRadio Portable

Listen to thousands of radio stations with this portable tool, but don't expect to record them.

We think it's awfully exciting that, thanks to Internet radio, we can listen to music and news from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. TapinRadio Portable is a simple Internet radio player that offers access to thousands of radio stations. Although it does work as a radio player, some of its most touted features -- including its ability to record streaming content -- have problems functioning.

At first glance, TapinRadio's interface is fairly straightforward, with menus across the top for File, Settings, Favorites, Stations, and Recording. Finding a station is a process of navigating through a set of ever-expanding menus: first we chose Region, then America, then North America, then the United States, then our selected state. By this point the menu had doubled back on itself, and we repeatedly lost our place if we weren't extra-careful with the mouse. The fact that the list of stations was long and not organized alphabetically made it even more difficult to find what we were looking for.

We finally tried out some radio stations, both local and international ones. Streams of at least one local station that we know to be reliable didn't work, but we found plenty of others, both around the world and locally, that did. Although we were impressed with the variety of stations that TapinRadio offers, its alleged ability to record radio broadcasts fell totally flat; every single time we tried this feature, we got an error message. The Help file offered no Help at all, just a list of keyboard shortcuts. Overall, we think that TapinRadio Portable is an okay choice if you want an Internet radio player that you can take on the go, but don't expect to be able to record what you hear.

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