Enhance YouTube with YouTube Auto Replay

Replay entire videos or just selected segments with this useful Chrome extension.

If you've ever found yourself going back to a certain point in a YouTube video over and over again -- because you're trying to master a dance step, because you really like that part of the song, or because you're trying to figure out exactly how that cat did a back flip -- YouTube Auto Replay is for you. This incredibly useful Google Chrome extension lets you replay YouTube videos either in their entirety or in specified segments. We think that virtually anyone who uses YouTube will find it good to have around.

YouTube Auto Replay installs without any fuss and integrates seamlessly with YouTube, appearing as a small check box labeled "Auto Replay" just beneath all YouTube videos. Clicking the check box makes the video play over and over again automatically, but there's also a small expandable menu where you can select start and end times for the replay. Do you really just need to see seconds 22 through 35 of that video again? YouTube Auto Replay lets you do that, playing the segment repeatedly with no further input from you.

Who knew that such a simple extension could make YouTube so much better? We recommend this extension to anyone who uses YouTube for entertainment, education, or any other purpose; you're bound to find a use for it eventually.

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