Google Chrome Auto-Reload

Reload Web pages automatically with this add-on.

If you find yourself constantly needing to refresh a Web page you're working on or viewing, this tool could be a time saver for you. JeanLou Dupont has released Auto-Reload, a Google Chrome extension built to automate the reloading of a Web page.

This free tool, once installed, adds a single button to your Chrome address bar. You won't find any unnecessary bells or whistles, just a few options that you can set and forget. It's easy to choose the refresh intervals, and the button changes color depending on whether it's active or not, a simple touch we liked. Auto-Reload also has a Sticky Mode option, which essentially allows you to bookmark the URLs that you want to autorefresh on every visit.

If you're looking for a quick fix to automatically refresh specific URLs, it doesn't get much easier than this. Auto-Reload is perfect for individuals who require real-time monitoring of a particular Web page. The add-on installed and uninstalled cleanly.

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