Mark the spot with Screen Markers

Create onscreen lines and markers with this no-frills tool.

Whether you're doing graphic design, Web design, desktop publishing, or some other task where proportions and positions matter, it can be useful to have onscreen markers that denote specific spots on your screen. Screen Markers is a simple program that does exactly that. It's not fancy, but it will do the job if you need a reminder of an object's size or location on your screen.

The program's interface is all business, and it's adorned with various abbreviations that took us a minute to figure out, though our background admittedly is not in design. If it's obvious to you that "Vlen" means vertical length and "Thkns" refers to thickness, you'll have no trouble getting started with Screen Markers.

Users can create markers simply by clicking on the desired location on the screen, but marker position can also be adjusted numerically and users can specify the line length, thickness, opacity, and vertical and horizontal length. Markers can be saved in groups for repeated use.

The program's Help file consists solely of a list of command line options, but on the whole, Screen Markers is pretty easy to figure out, aside from its abbreviations. We suspect that there are more sophisticated ways to accomplish what Screen Markers does, but the program isn't bad if you need a simple way to create lines and markers on your screen.

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