Manage your bookmarks with Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension

Keep your Google Bookmarks handy with this useful Chrome extension.

Google Bookmarks is one of many services that Google offers that allows you to keep your data in the cloud instead of locked on your computer. As the name would suggest, Google Bookmarks allows you to access your bookmarks from anywhere as long as you're signed into your Google account. Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension, or YAGBE, makes your Google Bookmarks easier to access with a click of a button.

Like most Chrome extensions, YAGBE installs easily, appearing as an icon to the right of the address bar. Clicking the icon brings up a list of bookmarks organized in a tree view by label. You can use the search box to quickly locate bookmarks by name. It's also easy to add, delete, and edit bookmarks. YAGBE has a detailed options menu that lets users edit the extension's appearance, turn tool tips on and off, set the request timeout and search delay, edit the size of the popup window, and set keyboard shortcuts for adding new bookmarks and searching bookmarks. There's no Help file, but that's not a problem; everything about YAGBE is easy to figure out.

And of course, any changes you make to your bookmarks using the extension will appear anywhere else you use Google Bookmarks. Overall, we think that Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension is a great way to easily access your Google Bookmarks in Chrome, and we recommend it.

Yet Another Google Bookmarks Extension installs and uninstalls without issues.

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