Keep track of your hardware with Hardware Asset Tracker

Monitor your monitors -- and other hardware -- with this no-frills program.

Whether you're in charge of managing hardware for a whole company or you have your own extensive collection, it makes sense to have a way to keep track of what you have on hand. Hardware Asset Tracker is a simple program that lets you record the details of your computers, monitors, printers, and more. It's not the most elegant program we've ever seen, but it's not bad for what it is.

Hardware Asset Tracker has a tabbed interface that categorizes hardware as Computers, Laptops, Modems, Monitors, NICs, Printers, and Workstations. If you don't like those categories or want to add others, too bad; there's no way to customize them. For each item of hardware, you can record information such as the supplier, location, serial number, value, condition, price, installation date, and more; these fields can be customized as desired. Images can be added for each item as well. We liked that Hardware Asset Tracker offers a variety of reports that can be sorted by field, as well as the capability to print labels with item information. There's no way to search for specific items, but a series of letters across the bottom of the interface lets you quickly jump to all items that start with a particular letter. A built-in Help file provides thorough instructions for the program's use. Overall, we didn't find Hardware Asset Tracker to be particularly attractive or sophisticated, but it will do an adequate job of cataloging your hardware.

Hardware Asset Tracker installs and uninstalls without issues.

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