Wide screens welcome in SSuite Office - Premium HD

Get a suite of applications designed for HD in this interesting office option.

SSuite Office - Premium HD bills itself as an office suite for the wide-screen monitor crowd, with large icons and other interface elements that make it easier to navigate. Although it succeeds on that front -- this large collection of applications does indeed have very user-friendly interfaces -- compatibility issues will likely limit the usefulness of the suite for many users.

Where to begin with SSuite Office? It comes with applications that you'd expect, such as a word processor (WordGraph) and a spreadsheet program (Accel), but there are other programs that we didn't anticipate, such as an image editor, a Web browser, and even that time-wasting favorite, Tetris. If you're looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office, SSuite Office doesn't quite hit the mark; there's no stand-in for PowerPoint or Publisher, programs that are of varying importance to different users. All of the programs had familiar-looking interfaces that will be easy for most people to navigate, and we think the enhanced icons and menus will be useful not only for people with large screens but also those who have vision problems. Each application comes with a thorough Help file explaining its use. Our only major complaint about SSuite Office - Premium HD was its seeming incompatibility with Microsoft files; Microsoft Office is still the standard, and the fact that SSuite Office couldn't open Word or Excel files -- despite claims that it could -- was a deal breaker for us. We think that SSuite Office - Premium HD is worth a try for people who aren't concerned about such compatibility issues, but for those who frequently share files with users of Microsoft Office, there are better choices out there.

SSuite Office - Premium HD installs and uninstalls without issues.

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