Enhance copying in Windows with NiceCopier

Replace the built-in copying feature in Explorer with this improved tool.

NiceCopier replaces the built-in file-copying tool in Windows Explorer, enhancing the copying process with a flexible GUI offering more data and options, including the ability to pause and resume copying. It automatically calculates the best copying speed for the job, too. It can manage multiple copying jobs at once. NiceCopier is available in specific downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. We tried it in 64-bit Windows 7 SP1.

When you install and open NiceCopier, it automatically takes over file-copying duties from Explorer. The program's system tray icon appeared when we copied files, though we could change the notification behavior. The tray icon's menu accesses the program's Settings sheet, which offered choices such as always on top, window position, and the number of tasks to display. Under Copy Settings, we could set a delay in milliseconds, enable confirmation messages, and set the Default Handle from a drop-down list offering Rename, Replace, and Ignore. But we could also access these choices from the dialog that pops up when pasting a file with NiceCopier. The system tray menu also accesses NiceCopier's copy management tool, the Recent Tasks feature. This lists Pinned and Recent Tasks with From/To data; Info, Pin, Rename, and Execute Task controls; and a file list window. NiceCopier also displays a progress-tracking pop-up with more detail and options than the default Windows notification pop-up. This dialog also expands to a more detailed view.

We started by copying a folder full of JPEG images. Pasting the copied files to a new folder produced the progress dialog. But when we tried to paste the same files again, NiceCopier produced a detailed message dialog indicating that the file in question already existed at that destination, with options to Ignore, Rename, or Replace it or Cancel the process. We could also specify a file path as well as filter the files by various headings such as All, Existing, New, Newer, and so on. The copying process waits until you make a choice. NiceCopier is a nice alternative to the built-in copying tool in Windows.

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