System slow? Try Memory Booster

Reclaim system memory with this portable freeware.

When computers run short of memory, the best solution is to add more RAM. But if your PC is already maxed out on memory modules, you can use software to free up resources and improve your system's performance. There are several ways to free up system memory. Rizone Memory Booster uses the simple but effective technique of making regular Windows API calls to tell the operating system to clean up running processes, freeing up system memory in the process. Its automatic mode cleans your system memory at regular intervals determined by the software, but you can configure the program's interval as well as disable the automatic flushing process and run the tool manually as needed.

Memory Booster is portable freeware that runs as soon as it's opened, so we saved the program's executable to a directory of our choice and clicked it. Memory Booster's interface is simple but cleanly designed, with a green bar graph displaying RAM usage and color-coded spectral graphs showing Memory Statistics and CPU Usage; a key list displays all resources and values. The graphs aren't large, and it can be a bit hard to distinguish resources, but it clearly shows spikes in use for specific resources. The program has two controls, Optimize and Defrag, plus a button opening an Options sheet that let us configure how often the program optimizes our system's memory, to play an audible alert, and to start with Windows. Although this is a simple tool, it packs a full Help file.

As we noted, Memory Booster does its thing as soon as it runs, showing its boosting action in a green progress bar at the bottom of the interface. It counts down the time between optimizations in the bottom edge of the window, and even displays the current time. Our test system has 8 GB of RAM, so we opened all kinds of programs and files at once to give it a challenge. While Memory Booster made little difference in our system's performance, we could clearly see its actions in its displays. We recommend it to all users whose systems need a boost.

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