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Paste text automatically into dozens of applications with this clever tool.

We are most definitely in favor of anything that saves us time and keystrokes when using the computer, but we usually find that software meant to increase our efficiency ends up being more trouble than it's worth. We're pleased to report, however, that that is not the case with This clever utility simplifies the process of copying and pasting text by displaying a menu of possible destination applications every time you copy.

Getting started with was fairly easy. During setup the program asked us to identify the applications and Web sites that we use the most often from a fairly comprehensive list; we chose Google, Facebook, Gmail,, Microsoft Word, Wikipedia, and Google Maps.

Once we'd completed setup, the program minimized to the system tray. Any time we copied text, though, sprang into action, displaying a menu across the top of our screen with the icons of our chosen applications and Web sites. We had only to click on the desired destination for our text and pasted it there automatically.

Our most frequently used destinations were displayed in our menu, and additional icons gave us access to the rest of's numerous options, including YouTube, Microsoft Excel, eBay, and Blogger. may not seem like something you need, but if you stop to think about how often you copy text and then open a new program or Web page in which to paste it, we think you might change your tune.

Reading a news article and want to know more about a specific topic? Copy the text and then select Wikipedia from the menu. Ready to buy the book after reading the review? Copy the text and then select Amazon's icon. The uses for this program are innumerable, and we think it has time-saving potential for just about everybody.

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