Remove all traces of programs with Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Uninstall programs completely with this unique tool and many extras.

A good standalone uninstallation application can remove traces of programs that other uninstallers leave behind, and that includes the built-in Windows feature. Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a free tool that not only removes all detectable traces of the programs you uninstall but also automatically cleans traces from the Registry. Its unique installation-monitoring feature automatically or manually tracks what happens to your system when you install or uninstall programs. It not only ensures that all traces of installed programs are removed but also helps diagnose installation problems. Advanced Uninstaller Pro also packs a wide range of system maintenance tools and tweaks.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro's interface has a unique look but familiar functionality, with large buttons on a space-themed background. The program's features are categorized by function, such as General Tools, Registry Tools, and Internet Browser Tools. Some tools show up in more than one heading, such as the Windows Services tool. The main tool, the uninstaller, lists programs alphabetically and by version (32-bit or 64-bit) but not by installation date, version, location, and other headings we're used to seeing in an uninstaller. That's our only complaint, though, since this tool was quick and thorough in its actions. We especially like the built-in Registry scanner and cleaner, which can remove traces of uninstalled programs immediately. We could specify which entries to clean or exclude. We enabled the Installation Monitor Feature and selected automatic monitoring, but we could also track installations manually from Advanced Uninstaller's system tray icon. The feature records exactly what installing a program does to your file system and Registry, and displays it in a log view. Advanced Uninstaller Pro has a full raft of extras, such as a Cookie Manager, Duplicate File tool, Registry Cleaner and Optimizer, Startup Manager, Fonts tools, and much more.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro brings some unique and useful improvements to a simple process that all too often comes up short. You can't depend on Windows to remove all traces of uninstalled programs, but this free toolkit can do the job as well as any tool we've tried. Adding installation date would make it ideal.

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