Marine Life Aquarium Animated Wallpaper is a drag

This attractive wallpaper will slow your system to a crawl.

Animated wallpaper sounds like a good idea, but all too often, it's not; it can be a serious drag on your system's performance, slowing down critical processes all for the sake of decoration. That's definitely the case with Marine Life Aquarium Animated Wallpaper. Although we liked the idea of having sea creatures swimming about on our desktop, in practice it didn't work out very well at all.

The program installed easily, launching a configuration menu that let us select whether we wanted the wallpaper to run automatically on startup, set the execution priority at high, normal, or low, enable background stretching, and hide desktop icons. Unfortunately, no matter how we set the execution priority, the marine life on desktop moved in a slow, jerky fashion. This was unfortunate, because the graphics were of fairly high quality, with a colorful assortment of fish along with some bubbles. The wallpaper also slowed everything else on our system to a crawl, making it an ordeal to even open another program. There's no Help file and there didn't seem to be any other settings that we could have adjusted in order to improve the wallpaper's performance; a link gave us access to other wallpapers that are available for download, but if they all perform like this one does, we can't say we're interested. Overall, we can't recommend Marine Life Aquarium Animated Wallpaper; it looks promising, but it rendered our computer almost completely useless.

Marine Life Aquarium Animated Wallpaper installs politely and leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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