Create multiple profiles with Firefox Profile Manager Plus Extension

Create multiple password-protected user accounts in Firefox with this free tool.

Firefox Profile Manager Plus Extension (FPM+) is a useful extension that lets you create individual password-protected user profiles in Mozilla's Firefox Web browser. Each profile has its own log-ins, passwords, preferences, history, bookmarks, and other personal data. It's an ideal solution for allowing multiple users to access the Internet using Firefox on one computer, but it's also a great way for individual users to keep separate, secure user profiles for accessing the company network from home, billable activity, and maintaining privacy.

FPM's installation process is more involved than the typical Firefox extension, requiring specific steps to succeed, including allowing it to run as a beta application in Firefox. For example, Firefox must be closed. FPM also has a Windows-style installer and a dedicated uninstaller that runs from the Windows Start menu. When FPM's installer finished, the Create User Profile tool appeared. FPM offers a neat option to specify an icon for each profile as you create them. We entered a profile name and created and confirmed our password, but nothing happened. Eventually we learned from the program's Web site that we had to type in "firefox.exe -ProfileManager" in the Windows Search field to open an updated user profile tool. This improved pop-up let us select the default account option to open Firefox. After we'd sorted that out, FPM worked well. Whenever we started Firefox, FPM's User Profile Manager gave the option of opening or editing an existing profile. To uninstall FPM, you must use the provided uninstaller in the program's Start Menu folder.

As we noted, FPM is something of a beta release, with a few rough edges. For example, the installation finished with a readme.txt file that practically demanded to be read, yet it contained incomplete or out-of-date installation and setup instructions, and we had to go to the program's Web site to find accurate documentation. But more than a few of our favorite extensions are works in progress, and the same can be said of Firefox itself. Firefox Profile Manager Plus Extension is certainly a useful way to create multiple secure user accounts in single installations of Firefox.

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