Mickey's Ice Cream POS software

Operate an ice cream parlor with this software simulation.

Mickey's Ice Cream from Custom Solutions of Maryland is a point-of-sale (POS) simulation software that promises to teach the budding entrepreneur, at the very least, how to make change.

Mickey's Ice Cream has a simple and very understandable interface. Like any POS system, the user simply punches in the orders. The application will compute the total amount of the sale, including taxes. Once the amount of payment is entered, it then calculates the amount of change due to the customer. It's easy to input your own prices. You can also opt to apply a 20 percent discount to the purchase when it's made. It's a quick click to do so, but we were curious as to why you couldn't choose any other discounts.

One minor issue we had during the test was that it installed a desktop icon without permission. Other than that, we find Mickey's Ice Cream to be a no-frills way to easily calculate how much you owe a customer.

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